nice matrix

this is nice matrix :^)

nice chat server for only nicers, no r*des allowed

use your favorite matrix client, like element, to connect. at the sign in or sign up screen, enter as your homeserver.

now you are chatting with fellow nice users on a nice server :^)

server notices

signups open again, now requiring a valid email.


signups temporarily closed, see


some spaces

some communities

some channels

your favorite client may query the server list directly, but these channels are certified nice™

info and rules

read the matrix code of conduct here

this is a public server, so please follow basic etiquette. any harassment, or otherwise not cool behavior can and will result in a ban. any channels created for pedophilic content eg. lolicon are absolutely not allowed, and will be purged.

we have a policy of wiping messages and files over 4 weeks of age by default, with support for channels to define their own policies, ranging from 1 day to 30 weeks. see the synapse message retention docs here for more info.

this server is located in Beauharnois, QC, on a 100mbit connection.

alongside synapse, we're running our own turn daemon, for voice functionality (which is untested - let the admins know if it works!). additionally, email functionality appears to work for password resetting, etc; consider registering on another server eg. if needed.

you can find the admins in the main server channel or send email to